Friday, May 30, 2008

Jan's Moly has arrived at Alison's

Yes, it's here, delicate and beautiful, and the smell of the paint is sending me into creative thinking mode. Rather than post the completed pages again, I've taken a photo of my drawing desk which is in the living room. Now that we are empty nesters, there's room for us each to have a table in the living room which is the warmest in winter and coolest in summer so it gets a lot of use.
You can see Jan's moly sitting on my light box(oh, so useful) where I can muse upon it for a while. In front of the light box is a collection of things that belonged to my grandfather - I am drawing them in another accordion-fold strip and my father will annotate them as he pleases.
On the right, I have set up one of my vessel arrangements, in the corner box, for Jana who wants to see see how I do them - the shadows are real but the view I draw is carefully selected and very cropped. In this case, the left hand pot needs to be lower so is standing on a book outside the corner box - I only drew its shadow.
Beyond the table, is the sofa which is 'my spot' with my thread box currently on the tea-chest 'side table' -(my next art dead-line is the Geelong wool quilt exhibition - and beyond that, my art stuff cupboard and home of all my vessels. Of course, most of my 'stuff' is outside in my 'studio' a converted carport - too messy to work in at the moment and anyway we save on heating if we just use the one room. My partner's table is to the left and is always completely cleared each night!


Jan said...

I just love studio shots! You might not be as organised as hubby but you are way more organised than me!

clare said...

Hi Alison, Thank you for the peep show, ;0) This is all such a lot of fun!
Your heater looks like mine, is it a coonara?

Kerry Mosley said...

How lovely to be able to take a peek inside your world and your thoughts. Like you and Clare... I too have a woodstove!

melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your art space. I love to snoop around and see how others organize their stuff!

melissa said...

Just read your blog post (personal website) and I have to say I'm excited about the post-it notes. I'm not much of a rule breaker usually, but I'll try to loosen up!