Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello My Name is:

I live in Victoria, Australia.
When I am not busy with work, I play!!
My favourite 'play things' are, journals, drawing, camping, collecting swap cards & owls, book binding and building my dollhouse.......oh...... and anything else I get pleasure doing.
I have decided I will choose a theme for my Moleskine, but it will be fairly loose.
Welcome to our members!!! ;0)

Melissa and I are putting our heads together working out all the details to ensure this project is an enjoyable and productive journey for all of us.

We have decided on two main rules for this particular group....(1)We would like 90% of the moleyX content to be drawing, sketching & painting (illustration) any or all with some text...........just not into too much collage. (2)Total commitment, with all communication and mail out. That said, Life can get in the way and if you have problems with deadlines etc just let the group know asap.

Any Q's , ideas or suggestions to enhance our MoleyX experience, post here.
I shall be off line Friday evening through to Sunday evening, (Aust time). Can't wait for it all to get started.
Kind Regards to you all.

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