Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Done.....I Think

Jan, I have written my theme on the sign in page and inside the wee envelope I added a list of every one's address,(might come in handy). I don't think it really matters where you write your theme, it's your book so you have to be happy with it.
Looking at the moly below & imagine it is the first page,
(and not the front endpaper);
In my mind I think 2.5 pages would be, where it reads, Please Sign, is the first page and where it reads, in..&...My Theme, would be the second page. Open out and do half of the third page, the next artist carry's on from there, and I would think their last page would be a full page. The next artist starts with a full page ending in a half, ?? !! ?? ...etc...
Melissa, am I on the right track? Or am I pretending I know all about this MolyX business??
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Jan said...

Hi Clare, I was just adding a question comment to the previous post and up popped your new look sign in page! Looks good!

melissa said...

I just replied on previous post with same info but will post here, too. When you open the book, those pages that are not part of the accordian don't have to count unless you want them to. There are 30 accordian pages in addition to the place where it says "if lost please return" - technically the back of that page doesn't count either, it just means there will be an extra page at the end.

Jan said...

Thanks Melissa!