Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Moly in Colour

(Marker with coloured pencils)

And here's the finished article. On its way to Kerry by next week.

My Entry In Kerry's Moly

Well I'm done and should be mailing this one out to Melissa either today or tomorrow. It depends on when I can get out of my Jammies, I have been house-pj-bound with a virus.
And because I have been lying about...................I am half-way through Melissa's Moly too.
Shame one has to feel disgustingly ill to catch up on a passionate past time!!

Bad photography, though it was the best of fifteen shots! I should scan but I have the 'cantbebothereds'.
It does look better in person Kerry, True.

My Moly

Well, things have certainly slowed down here, haven't they? And I'm just as responsible as most of you. I confess that inspiration totally left me when I came to think up a way of continuing from a bear facing a mountain, but eventually I figured if I just drew a few lines, something would turn up.

And here it is, or at least here's the line work. Colour to follow as soon as I'm able.