Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Theme

Hello molyX friends. I dropped in to let you all know I have chosen a theme for moly.
"These are a Few of My Favourite Things"
Being a 'collector' & 'hoarder', I have an abundance of fave bits and pieces. Many I have never even thought of drawing. My moly will be a record of my stuff. ;0)
Now I think this theme is loose enough so you can all add your own favourites, be it people, places or things. Anything which delights your senses and makes you
happy will be perfect in my book.
I know I will.


melissa said...

Hi Clare. I added labels to your post. I thought as we start having dozens of posts, it may be helpful to sort more quickly. Ideally we can each use a tag for our own book.

Jan said...

Hi Clare,
I like this theme. One of my favourite sayings is "I don't believe in favourites" by which I mean I change my mind incessantly and love too many things to pin something down to the label. I look forward to contemplating all this in your Moly.
(Is it just me who has never heard the name abbreviated to 'Moly' before?)

Kerry Mosley said...

Hi Clare/Melissa/Jan
Great theme Clare..I too am a hoarder so will find plenty inspiration to draw from. I'm still thinking what to do with my "moly" but like the abbreviated term 'cos it sounds friendly like a nickname for a loved one!