Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moleskine Exchange Sign-In Page

I finished the sign in page. It made me feel good to get something down on the pristine pages. Now I can think about the next 2.5. I don't have a theme...still thinking about it.

I would love for everyone to add a postage stamp from her country on the sign in page. I had the man at the post office cancel the stamp in my book, but you don't have to do that. You can just cut one off of an envelope. I hope there is enough room for the stamps. The book seems so small!


Jan said...

This is great idea. Now I wish I'd thought of it! My Moly just arrived in the mail, so I'll have to make a decision. I'm not all that familiar with the moly x way. I see the first opening is used as sign-in - but what is actually added here by the participants? Just a name, or an address too? Also, I'm thinking of a theme, so if I go ahead with it is the sign in page the area for the heading of the theme too?

And to clarify '2 and a half pages' - does that mean 2 pages (one opening) plus a half of the first page of the next opening? Then when I receive a book with 1/2 a page done, do I finish off the opening (2 pages) and do half of the next page (which is in fact only 2 pages in total)?

I hate to sound dumb but I just want to be certain!

clare said...

Not Dumb at all. Now that you have posed the Q's I have been pondering?? Can someone Please enlighten us? Ahhh Tracy, Your start is wonderful, I love your clean pages, I couldn't be clean if I tried. ;0)

melissa said...

Wonderful theme. I will chime in as well. I did not count the opening spread as part of my section. The reason is when you open the book, it's not part of the accordian. I think when I counted the 30 does not include the Front or back of the first page marked "if found please return" so technically, the first artist could take up to 3.5 and we still have enough for everyone.