Sunday, October 19, 2008

Full circle

Clare's moly made it all the way around, and will begin it's reverse orbit later this week. Will get better pics tomorrow and a scan or two.
I struggled a bit with my favorite things. I'm not a collector of anything, except art supplies, which seemed to obvious. Some of the favorite things include: chocolate, chai, toe socks, good hair days, jodi picoult novels, fireplaces, christmas carols and an assortment of intangibles...the sound of my daughter snoring, the crunch of my husband's tires pulling into the drive, the smell of cookies baking, the sound of my grandmother's crochet needles, the color of the sky when it snows...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Melissa's moly....

....not quite sure where this one came from. Partly an obsession I have at the moment with drawing faces. Partly because I'd been looking at Marty Harris's sketchbook posts. Partly because Melissa's opening page featured a jigsaw, Clare's aboriginal dots, and Alison's a series of overlapping drawings so the idea of lots of little faces came to mind.

I hope you like it Melissa and that I haven't gone too far off base on this one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tracy's Moly, Alison's round

Matisse has been joined by Picasso in Tracy's Moly and there's a party on. I was really just working from Jan's Matisse page and looking at the whole spread now, it looks like Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso have taken over the Gallery and, what with the bedroom scene and all, perhaps things are getting saucily out of hand. Maybe this Moly needs some inspiration from a female artist to make sure it strays no further from the path of respectability! :) What do you think, Kerry? Do you want to clean up after the party?

Kerry's Moly's getting big!

Coffs Harbour has two main tourist attractions. One is the Pet Porpoise Pool which is an excellent spot to kiss seals and pat dolphins and even have a swim with them. It is always a great day at the Pet Porpoise Pool. The other is The Big Banana.

There is a little artistic license in this sketch. I left out the gift shop, the snack bar and the History of Bananas building. From this perspective you can't see the lolly (sweets) factory, the puzzle shop, the toboggan ride, the snow slope, the ice rink or the water park, so it was easy to leave them out.

There is a fine tradition of Australian artists sketching and painting Luna Park in Melbourne. I love these works. They capture the essence of the conflict between fun, fear and sleaze in Luna Park and other attractions like it. When I look at them I wish I lived in Melbourne to be able to paint it too. Then I realised - we have the Big Banana right here! I could paint it. That idea was firmly implanted into my 'one day' basket right up until Clare drew Luna Park in Kerry's moly and posted it off to me to follow on. Too good an opportunity!

But it's not the same when it is a conflict of fun and sleaze only, without the fear. I'm left thinking 'it's just a big banana.'

Monday, October 6, 2008

At Last...............

...I have finished my piece in Alison's moly.
I will try to mail it out to you tomorrow Jan.

My piece in Alison's Moly 2

A bit blurry