Monday, June 30, 2008

Two and a Half Pages

What can I say? I'm a visual person. Hope this answers your question! Each person does 2.5 pages per round. So you will share a half page with someone, either the person before or after you, depending how it splits, but I would consider overlapping and not ending exactly on the edge as it gives the next person a little something to work with if that makes sense. No one's going to be mad about taking a little more or less. It all evens out eventually. Also, the second round might be confusing, because some people counted the "flap" (the page that is not really part of the accordian) and some did not.

Jan's Moly, 2nd rotation

The quest for the perfect, non-fugitive red Here I am, done in time - just as well, since the rest of the week is already bespoke. I have been inspired by my current reading of Colour, travels through the paintbox (see, here, with a slightly different title) by Victoria Finlay, particularly the chapter, Red, red being Jan's theme. The edge left by Jan suggested the book within a book idea and I did a bit more than 2 1/2 pages as Jan had done less - but actually I agree with Jan that it's better not to end at a fold - well it doesn't really matter - whatever the contribution needs, I think. So there we are - I pass this along and look forward to the next one :)

Done & Confused

On the cusp of being late getting this done (Alison I haven't posted it yet but I WILL tomorrow!) I've added my drawing to Clares moly. See the folds in the scan? See that one right in the middle? Well, that fold is the mountain fold that separates the opening in the Japanese Moleskine. That means that everything to the right of that is what you see when you turn the 'page' to see my drawing. The next fold to the right is through Roly's back and just next to his legs, Roly is on the lefthand side page of the opening. There is more than you can see (it didn't all fit on the scanner) so most of the righthand page of the opening is blank. Once I finished it major confusion set in. Where should my 2 and a half pages have been? It seemed to me that each persons drawing should cover an opening (both R & L pages of an opening) so it can be seen easily when you flip though. At least that is what I would want for my book.

I can see I've not done enough and I'm sorry about that. I won't be adding more - this is my first Moly x and I just can't imagine doing more now, this is a whole new experience for me. It is the whole 2 & a half pages thing that has confused me (I can't believe I'm saying that!). Am I right in assuming it is actually 2 pages (an opening) and just a bit on the next page which will become the 2 pages for the next person?

I can't believe how pedantic and vague I sound!

Clare's Moly has a theme of "a few of my favourite things" and I drew my dog Roly, my coffee, my books and pattern - I love pattern. It is a bit hard to scan. It is done with pencil, chinagraph, gesso, acyrlic and paint marker. Some of the acrylic is silver which hasn't showed up really well. I hope you like it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tracy's Moly & Vincent's Bedroom

Coloured in photoshop, just to get an idea if I actually want to go with this idea.

Bedroom in Arles was one of Vincent Van Gogh's favourite paintings. ,

It is one of my favourites too., particularly his first version, with it's sensuous colours and interesting angles. Melissa's picture frame kept coming into my mind as the window in Vincent's bedroom and I have attempted to create my own version of 'Bedroom in Arles". At this stage it is very rough and scribbled. And poorly scanned.

Tracy's Moly

Hi Tracy, Your Moly is now "Sitting on my desk" . It is, as usual, much more beautiful in 'person'.Melissa's pages are divine. I have some ideas, ( working with the blank frame/window), but where to begin and how to transform these ideas from head to paper???????????? Have some rough sketches I might show, or, maybe not? Very scribbled and messy stuff! ;0)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Parcel to Jan is...

...Ready to leave my home.
Melissa's book is wrapped up safe, snug and prepared for what lies ahead.

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Playing about...

...with ideas for my entry into Alison's book and having fun.

not sure this will be the final version but I'm getting closer.

....and while I was scanning in couldn't resist a little photochopping!!

eventually I am going to have to buy some inks and try doing this by hand!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready to post round two.

**I am by no means an Aboriginal Artist**
I wanted Melissa's wee turtle to meet an Aussie relative.
So my Inspiration for this drawing comes from an "Original" painting
by Gerry Surha, a genuine Aboriginal artist from Atherton, Far North Queensland.
His paintings are SENSATIONAL.
Wee Turtle needed a parachute to land safely, I'm hoping you don't mind
the addition to your drawing Melissa?
Unfortunately my colours did not come up as bright in these photographs.
They are much nicer in reality.

PS: It is so soothing drawing all those dots, my eyes kept
getting tired and I actually fell asleep a couple of times.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tracy's Book, folded.

Tracy's Book, folded.
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Melissa in Tracy's Book

About 90% done. Will probably fuss with it a little over the next week as there is time. This my attempt to update the Rockwell painting and it was inspired by Tracy's quote. Hope you like it Tracy! There is a little spot in the museum for Clare to claim. Or is that a window? Hmmmm

Guess what....

arrived in the post today......

Alison, your drawing is fabulous. Very gentle but colourful. It reminds me of a children's book illustration. I appreciate the sentiment too and will enjoy being inspired and influenced by your work to create the next page.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oops... moly is a little late in leaving the UK but should now be winging its way to the USA. Look out for the logo, Tracy

In the end I went for colour.....

...loads of colour

Hope it arrives safely!