Friday, May 23, 2008

Second Moly packed and ready to fly.

I was hoping to mail my Moly out to Jan today...................Stuff happened! ;)
It's all packaged & set to leave first thing tomorrow morning.

Melissa's book is on it's way here to Oz, I hope it gets here fast, I am all inspired and don't want my creative juices to dry up while I wait for its' arrival.

How is the rest of the group coming along? We need some more pics here on the blog..............Please post some as soon as you can.
Alison, are you ok? Quietly "Moleying along"?

We have a chat box on our blog so it is easier for us to communicate, pop in and say hi.


Jan said...

Ah, on it's way to me soon! I've not finished mine. In fact I only started today. A bit of disaster too. I had added something right across the top and onto the next page, drawn in the rest of the image roughly...then...eek! Wrong page! I'd accidentally done it on the second opening. Sorry to those who follow me but my drawing is going to encroach on the next three pages!!! Lucky it's mine and not someone else's I stuffed up!

clare said...

Do not worry Jan, I am sure it won't hurt the overall look of it all. It is about the final look and feel of what you want to say in your own book... so let it all hang loose!!!!