Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rotation Suggestions

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This is a hypothetical swap rotation.
The concept is each person does about 2.5 pages each round before passing it on. When we get to round 6, that person does 5 pages as a "centerfold" and then we reverse the order. This should keep mailing costs even for international shipping and also gives each of us a turn to try a larger section for a change of pace. It also means you won't follow the same person all 12 times.

Open to ideas, thoughts, suggestions, enhancements.


Jan said...

Dare I say - I'm a bit confused. I like this idea for order etc. What confuses me is the dates. I thought I read it was a month to complete our bit then send on. Your table seems to say fortnightly. (I am further confused because here down under we put the day before the month when writing ie 1/6 is the first of June. So reading 6/1 means I have to think think think).

clare said...

Yes Jan, It is confusing to see the date written that way, I think we should perhaps write June-1. June-15,...etc for us Aussies.
I think Melissa's chart is an example only, so maybe the dates will differ on the real thing.
Hooroo, Clare.

Marty Harris said...


Kerry Mosley said...

Hi...sorry i too am a little confused...i've never been any good at following tables! I really like the idea of not always sending/receiving from the same person and would prefer a month turnaround time if possible, but will go with the majority vote.

melissa said...

Thanks for the great feedback so far!
-Yes, the dates were random "filler" so we could see what it looks like.
-We also have to keep in mind travel time.
-A once/month swap is a one year commitment from start to finish (add more if the month doesn't include travel time)
-Sorry 'bout date confusion. When I wrote it out, the chart was too wide for the screen!
-Fortnight? That anything like biweekly?

Jan said...

semimonthly, dozen and a bit daily, year chopped into alphabetical sized pieces... I am amazed that mere terminology has us so confused before we even start! This is going to be a fun experience!!!

Alison said...

My experience with posting small packages between Australia and UK is that they take about 5 working days and between Australia and the US, more like 7 working days. Still, I think if we have a monthly turn around, including posting time, that should be enough - especially if pages are scanned and uploaded onto this blog as much as possible so people will have time to see what's arriving soon, and begin to muse on what they might do. The actual rotation looks OK to me.