Monday, June 30, 2008

Done & Confused

On the cusp of being late getting this done (Alison I haven't posted it yet but I WILL tomorrow!) I've added my drawing to Clares moly. See the folds in the scan? See that one right in the middle? Well, that fold is the mountain fold that separates the opening in the Japanese Moleskine. That means that everything to the right of that is what you see when you turn the 'page' to see my drawing. The next fold to the right is through Roly's back and just next to his legs, Roly is on the lefthand side page of the opening. There is more than you can see (it didn't all fit on the scanner) so most of the righthand page of the opening is blank. Once I finished it major confusion set in. Where should my 2 and a half pages have been? It seemed to me that each persons drawing should cover an opening (both R & L pages of an opening) so it can be seen easily when you flip though. At least that is what I would want for my book.

I can see I've not done enough and I'm sorry about that. I won't be adding more - this is my first Moly x and I just can't imagine doing more now, this is a whole new experience for me. It is the whole 2 & a half pages thing that has confused me (I can't believe I'm saying that!). Am I right in assuming it is actually 2 pages (an opening) and just a bit on the next page which will become the 2 pages for the next person?

I can't believe how pedantic and vague I sound!

Clare's Moly has a theme of "a few of my favourite things" and I drew my dog Roly, my coffee, my books and pattern - I love pattern. It is a bit hard to scan. It is done with pencil, chinagraph, gesso, acyrlic and paint marker. Some of the acrylic is silver which hasn't showed up really well. I hope you like it!


Alison said...

This looks beautiful - I love your greyscale phase - but have exploded your book into RED

melissa said...

So great to see how everyone is blending and interpreting the themes. I tried to answer your question in a separate post. Hope it helps!

clare said...

Like it?? I LOVE IT Jan!
As you know dogs are my favourite people and I feel so lucky to have Roly in my Moly........ Hehehe. Thank you so much it's Beautiful.
I was cleaning my desk and drawing room yesterday and I came across some chinagraph pencils. Must have been my daughter's. Are they used for any special application? Just wondering as the name suggests so. Silly Me...I will just google
and see.

clare said...

What is a Chinagraph Pencil ?

The pencil used for marking on colorbond, banners, glass, acetate, film, china and all impervious surfaces. Markings may be easily removed with a dry or wet cloth.

Kerry Mosley said...

Jan...all new experiences are confusing at took me ages to work out the rotation charts!! and they are really clear once you get to know them....and I'm shamefacedly late again with this rotation. We all get there in the end and your moly entry looks just great as it is!!