Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready to post round two.

**I am by no means an Aboriginal Artist**
I wanted Melissa's wee turtle to meet an Aussie relative.
So my Inspiration for this drawing comes from an "Original" painting
by Gerry Surha, a genuine Aboriginal artist from Atherton, Far North Queensland.
His paintings are SENSATIONAL.
Wee Turtle needed a parachute to land safely, I'm hoping you don't mind
the addition to your drawing Melissa?
Unfortunately my colours did not come up as bright in these photographs.
They are much nicer in reality.

PS: It is so soothing drawing all those dots, my eyes kept
getting tired and I actually fell asleep a couple of times.
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melissa said...

Oh my goodness. I love it, I love it I love it. I just started clapping. Clare thank you so much for putting your full heart into my book.

melissa said...

Ok. I've calmed down a bit. Now the questions. Is the blue background marker or a separate piece of paper?

clare said...

It is all done with black zig pen, Prismacolor pencil and the white dots are Uni paint marker,(I couldn't get any thing else to be bright enough over the blue pencil.
I am so pleased you like it.

clare said...

I have noted the details on the back of my drawing. Prismacolour pencils are my favourites. They go on so smooth and creamy and when I rub over my drawing with my finger it becomes glossy and reminds me of enamel.

Tracy said...

This is beautiful!

Kerry Mosley said...

Great artwork....I love the bright colours..I shall be trying out the prismacolours they sound great.

melissa said...

Just read your comment about how soothing it was making the dots. When I used to do this as a project with my younger students, we would use q-tips and paint. And they would just zone out. Cute.

Jan said...

It looks great Clare!

Marty Harris said...

Very cool. The sea turtle looks like it was created with seeds, lentils. Looks like crop art.