Friday, June 27, 2008

Tracy's Moly & Vincent's Bedroom

Coloured in photoshop, just to get an idea if I actually want to go with this idea.

Bedroom in Arles was one of Vincent Van Gogh's favourite paintings. ,

It is one of my favourites too., particularly his first version, with it's sensuous colours and interesting angles. Melissa's picture frame kept coming into my mind as the window in Vincent's bedroom and I have attempted to create my own version of 'Bedroom in Arles". At this stage it is very rough and scribbled. And poorly scanned.


melissa said...

What a great solution. I love continuing the idea of incorporating favorite artists into this book. And as for Vincent...he sure did throw all the paint he could at the canvas!

Jan said...

I like the idea of scanning the page to work the sketch out on. Dare I say it though... I love the first loose sketch A LOT. But that's just me, I'm going through a looser phase at the moment, or trying to. It is a great idea. I love it. It feeds the voyeur in me.

clare said...

Jan, I like the loose sketch best of all too, but I have this fear of ruining someone else's Moly. I am becoming way too controlled/censored with this exchange. Anyone else feeling this way? Gosh I am only up to my second Moly!

Tracy said...

Wow! This is wonderful! I love how a theme evolved!

I always sketch first, too. I fear I will ruin someone else's book. Even though I don't believe it possible for someone to ruin mine. I guess I am not very confident in my ability to draw and am intimidated by how well others can. Funny how critical people are of their own work.