Monday, October 13, 2008

Tracy's Moly, Alison's round

Matisse has been joined by Picasso in Tracy's Moly and there's a party on. I was really just working from Jan's Matisse page and looking at the whole spread now, it looks like Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso have taken over the Gallery and, what with the bedroom scene and all, perhaps things are getting saucily out of hand. Maybe this Moly needs some inspiration from a female artist to make sure it strays no further from the path of respectability! :) What do you think, Kerry? Do you want to clean up after the party?


Jan Allsopp said...

Alison this is great! I love her! (...although for a moment I was confused by the number of her legs... ah! it's an arm!!! *relief*) The dog behind the couch could mean Harding or a Mambo artist... still blokes though. What fun it gets as the books grow!

Kerry Mosley said...

Not sure about that....things may get a little saucier!!!! or maybe just a little romantic!
Great drawing .... this book gets more and more interesting.

melissa said...

I looked and never got around to commenting here. What a great party. I love how all these artists from different times and places get to hang out together.