Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unfinished In Alison's Moly

Hi Group, here is my yet to be finished spread in Alison's book. I had
offered to show it to Melissa in my comment on Kerry's last post.
As you can see I am still slowly working on it and have not gone 'AWOL'.
Sorry to all of you, especially Melissa for being so behind. I sincerely
promise this will be mailed by the END OF THIS WEEK!!

Please click on picture to see enlarged.
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Alison said...

It looks like it's coming along beautifully, Clare. I hope the doing of it can provide some pleasure amongst whatever difficulties life is throwing at you at the moment - that't the main point of drawing/art for most of us these days, I think - though it's easy to forget.

Jan Allsopp said...

She is so beautiful. I'm still struggling to get up to date too. I will be reducing my work load in 2 weeks time, so that will be a relief!

clare said...

Yes Alison, I agree our art is an essential part of keeping sane in a world which is full of slime. I know, I know, there is much beauty to experience too and this is the therapy we receive when we allow ourselves the time to create............My BIG problem right now is TIME!! But as you said..."It's coming along beautifully".....albeit SLOWLY. ;0)

clare said...

Struggle, (with results), is what WE Women do well. Keep on Plodding Jan. Thanks for your comment!! :0)

melissa said...

Mmmm I really love what you're doing with transparency here Clare. Will we get a translation?