Friday, February 6, 2009

Jan's finished in Kerry's book - finally!!!

I was really daunted by following on from Alison's botanic garden pages in Kerry's book. In fact I put it right out of my mind - as I don't enjoy feeling daunted! Then the next Moly from Alison turned up this week! Eek! Must do it! I think I can!
I needed to visit my mum this morning and new I'd be there a while so I packed several art 'options' for things to do. As I looked at Kerry's gorgeous book again it came to me! *bing*! I would walk down to my favourite spot on my favourite beach and draw that!
There used to be a twisted stunted pandanus tree that grew on top of this rock. I drew it and it was actually the subject of my first painting after leaving school. It's been missing for about 10 years now and it made me sad not to see it there, so I didn't look at this beach much, in order to avoid feeling sad about it. (Gee, there are a lot of suppressed emotions surfacing here!) I think drawing it again has been fantastic. I got to enjoy 'my' beach and 'my' rock again. I don't feel sad anymore! When it's fully dry I'm going to put my little Valla-Beach-life-story on the back. Seeing as it IS 'my' rock, I feel it's necessary. (Pitt pens at the beach and watercolour when I got home.)


Alison said...

A fantastic follow-on, Jan. - moving from a jungle of plants to the expanse of beach/ocean with an obviously characterful rock. I'm looking forward to seeing all the others too.

melissa said...

Such a great connection. Sounds like this was a good outlet and exercise for you. Thanks for sharing the story behind the rock.

Jan Allsopp said...

I forgot to say - in the heat and the glare and the fact that the only shade I could find to draw in meant I had to stand, I accidentally did an extra page! In my last one in this book I only did 2 pages. I hope this evens it out and it is still ok for everyone else! If not, Clare, just draw over the last page of it (if you can!)

Kerry Mosley said...

This looks amazing. The thought of standing in the hot sun on a beach seems so far we have had snow, snow and more snow and 1 week on fresh snow again today!!
I am so looking forward to the return of this book! Thanks Jan