Monday, February 23, 2009


Here is my finished drawing in Alison's book.
I was inspired by the small piece of wrapping paper pictured above my drawing.
From an online translation I found out that the words are Latin??
The translation for,
'Exultet i am Ange-mi, ad tam miram fancti hu- bi fcum.' ,
is rather sketchy... I came up with;
'To exult now angel mi , to to such a degree miram fancti hu - bi fcum'
and if I change it to,
'Exul tet iam angemi, ad tam miram fancti hubi fcum.'
It translates to;
'To aggravate tet now angel, to to such a degree miram fancti hubi fcum.'
At least there was an angel in both so I tried to draw the girl on the front cover of
'The Year Of Wonders' and gave her some angel wings.
I love this book!
Anyone able to get a clearer translation???

Click on pictures to see enlarged.
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