Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kerry's book; My Entry

Kerry's book; My Entry by 3MW
Kerry's book; My Entry, a photo by 3MW on Flickr.
I had a difficult time deciding between a few ideas for your book Kerry. I considered the characters from the Wizard of Oz, A peacock and Elton John. Scanning the internet, I found an amazing video clip of Elton John dressed as a peacock performing "Crocodile Rock" with the Muppets and I was sold.

Media: Acrylic and sequins.


Clare said...

Oh Melissa, it is Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!

3mw said...

Thanks Clare. Zipping its way across the Atlantic to Harry.

Kerry Mosley said...

now that is what I call colourful!

harry bell said...

I have Kerry's book now and it looks really great!

There are five pages left. Should I use fewer than usual, ot go ahead with three and a half to four, leaving just over one? I've never been in at the end of a book before.

Kerry Mosley said...

more than happy for you to use 3 and a half your art work!

harry bell said...

Happy to oblige. :0)