Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heeeeeeeeeere's Harry!

The ladies of moly x 25 are thrilled to invite Harrybell from the UK to our group for round 2. Harry, once you receive the blogger invite, feel free to introduce yourself to the group. I will be posting a rotation schedule within the next week. In the meantime, everyone please get your hands on a moly and start thinking about whether or not you want a theme in your own book. Since September is almost over, lets set November 1st as our goal to mail out the first entry in our own books. Can't wait to get started. Welcome Harry!!


melissa said...

Check out the tentative rotation order on the sidebar and let me know what you all think. I thought it made the most sense to group Kerry and Harry together to save on shipping since they are both UK. Clare I know we have already "followed" one another, so we could always mix things up after the halfway point? Open to everyone's ideas.

clare said...

Waah, lets get Started!!!! Welcome back Girls... Welcome aboard Harry.
I do not think I will have a theme this time... just want everyone to have a jab at spontaneity, whatever comes to mind when they get ahold of my moly!
I am happy with the rotation Melissa, ;0)

Kerry Mosley said...

Hello Harry, and of course Melissa and Clare....great to be back on baord for another ride. Harry - you seem to be from my part of the world....most of my family live around and about Newcastle!
The rotation is fine....I'm off to buy a foldy moly!

harry bell said...

I'm happy with the rotation and have decided against an over-riding theme.Now to sort out my thoughts and make a start. Oh! One thing - how many pages are we doing each time?

3mw said...

If we do about 4 each time we can go around twice. Last time we did a boomerang, which meant we went until everyone had drawn in each book once and then we went in reverse order. We can decide that later... As for now start with about 4 and whatever you want to do for a sign in.