Friday, September 23, 2011

Take a Bow

 My moly found it's way home. What a marvelous treasure. Clare, you needn't worry about your watercolor efforts. It was such a beautiful display. I will be sure to photo/video the whole spread to share with everyone when I get a free moment this week.

Thank you all so very much for lending your time and talents to my book. I know some of you still have a round or two to get your books back, but please do give some consideration to whether or not you'd be interested in another go around with this group. I can't believe what an amazing success we've had so far. You all rock, first and second group, alike!



Clare said...

Hi Melissa and Our Group of Wonderful 'Molyexers', I am relieved to hear you like my last effort in your Moly! I always have this nasty 'inner critic' who just won't shut up and she always gets worse when I am almost finished my piece. I have enrolled in a Bachellor of Arts Degree for 2013 an think maybe I will have far too much on my plate to keep this moly exercise ongoing. I will stay in touch, you never know I might be able to make it part of my course work. I am waiting on Harry's book and mine.

3mw said...

Hi Clare-
Happy to hear about your return to school. What an exciting time for you! Love the book. Took it into school yesterday and the kids were wondering what kind of glitter paint you used on your entry? One girl thought it might be nail polish? Do tell!

Clare said...

Hi Melissa, I used, ((for the first time), a metalic watercolour pencil by Faber Castell, they do come up nice and sparkly. My course starts this November and runs through 2012 not 2013 as I posted in my last comment.