Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Moly in Colour

(Marker with coloured pencils)

And here's the finished article. On its way to Kerry by next week.


Clare said...

Superb Harry!!

harry bell said...

Thank you!

3mw said...

Oh boy. Feeling dreadfully behind now.
Clare - I will be getting started in yours hopefully this weekend! I just finished another book (different swap) this week and should have some time I hope to get to it.
Both posts this week look awesome and have invigorated me to get moving. So thanks for the inspiration everyone!

melissa said...

Hey Kerry - please let us know when Harry's book safely arrives. Thanks!

Kerry Mosley said...

Hi all - Harry's book has arrived and his entry (and all the others!) looks absolutely fab....always better "in the flesh" as it were.....not sure where to go next with this one but I've got my thinking hat on today!xk