Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is what....

.................I have decided to do. I have a spare Japanese Moleskine here, it's just begging to be opened and I am missing my turn, sob-sob-, SO, I will do my piece on the pages where Melissa would have finished in Kerrie's Moly and send it on to Jan. When it eventually reaches Kerrie she can restart her book, then Tracy and Melissa can try again when it is their turn. I know it won't be the same as your first book Kerrie , but If the original shows up I certainly don't mind adding to it too and you will have a BONUS book to play with.

WHAT do you all THINK??
Is This OK?

I am still in the process of chasing up the missing book. It is hard to keep going to the P.O when I am with my Dad every day. There has been some issues with my local P.O. and I am guessing this is where the problem lies. So fingers, toes & eyes crossed I can find the wayward Moley!

Melissa I will need you to arrange it so I must sign for future parcels, sorry if this is a pain or costly but it is safest thing to do. PERHAPS We All Should Do That.??


melissa said...

Hi Clare,
That is awefully kind of you. I did just post a discussion question to the moly x flickr group to see if anyone else is having difficulty with international shipping. I don't know about anyone else, but I am now back at work and will not be able to sign for any deliveries. Maybe just adding delivery confirmation? That's the one where they scan it before putting it into your mailbox/slot etc. That way there is a tracking number and you know what day it was received.

clare said...

I don't know if that can be done here, but I have to go into the PO to pick up if something needs signing. It suits me ok. We live out of town, in the bush and although we do get home delivery, I can go to the local PO anytime when I am heading into town or on my way home.

Kerry Mosley said...

Melissa...that's a great idea...but hopefully the moly will turn up worries!

melissa said...

Hi all-
Called my post office today and her response was "Well, Australia is awfully far away." WHAT?
After some more round and round they gave me the international phone number to call. It ended up being a pre-recording type human. When I put in the Declaration form number it said "No delivery information is found at this time." I don't know what that means. Perhaps better that then them saying it was delivered (because at that point it's out of their hands and could be anywhere) and it DIDN'T say it was an invalid number. So, I am still trying to be optomistic. Will post more as I know more.

melissa said...

Marty posted a really nice response to my question at the group site. He has had a book or two mysteriously appear 1-2 months later, but basically said he would do exactly as clare suggested...just keep on keepin' on.