Friday, February 17, 2012

Updates & Apologies

Hi all,
I wanted to apologize to all of you for neglecting the maintenance of this group. I have had my book completely done since September and I suppose it is my fault that I have not been more diligent on checking in with all of you.

Looking back through the posts, I see that Clare asked to have her book returned to her on November 13th, whether it was done or not. I would please ask whoever has it, to simply honor her request. I will send a shipping address to the group via email.

Kerry and Harry, do you two have each other's books?  On Dec 31, Kerry asked where it was and that is the last I can track of it. Kerry the last post I have on Harry's book is from you on the same date saying that you were shipping it, but I don't know to whom. My records indicate that both Clare and I still needed to complete entries in Harry's book.

Clare, should we assume that you do not want to receive any future books? If this is the case, Kerry you can send Harry's to me and  I will gladly add another entry.

Can everyone please just chime in as to whether they want to finish or have their own book sent home? I'm in it for the long haul. Please check your email for an updated message from me with all of our mailing addresses so that books can get moving.

Again, truly sorry for my part in allowing the group to stagnate.



Kerry Mosley said...

I have my own book just wiating for my final entry into day! Its an absolutely splendid book - thank you to all for their fabulous contributions.
I also have Harry's book here and should I believe have posted it to Clare next. I am the hold up here as I should have done this some considerable time ago. I have taken a somewhat laid back approach to the moly rounds, always struggling for "inspiration" "motivation" and opportunity of time to coincide and had not realised this was upsetting to others. Many apologies for that!
I am happy to send this off this weekend. Clare, shall I send it on to you?

harry bell said...

I've enjoyed this exchange and would very much like to have my book completed, but if Clare is fed up now, then I guess it'll have to be without her. Considering the interruption Xmas and the New Year inevitably caused, I don't think the delay has been unreasonable.