Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Moleskine

Hi Group,
Just wondering if someone could pleased send my 'Moly' on home to me, Finished or Unfinished, I just want it back!!! Thank you, Clare.


3mw said...

I searched the archives and found the last update in the comments:

harry bell said...

Clare's book arrived safely this morning.

July 25, 2011 9:42 AM
Have you finished Harry?

Clare said...

That's quite a while ago. I am hoping it is not lost in the mail. Thanks Melissa.

3mw said...

Hi Clare/all-
If you look at the entry right under this one (the chart) and pull up comments you will see that Harry posted on Oct 13 that he had just gotten back from vacation and had both Kerry and your books and would be getting to them soon. Since he always posts pictures first I would guess he has it, and it's not lost in the mail. You did respond to his comment in the same comment section...not sure how either of us missed that the first time, but anyway - that's my guess. Harry?

harry bell said...

Yes, I still have Clare's and Kerry's books. Sorry I've been slow in getting them done, but I've had to have work done on the house to make it good for the winter (which could turn out to be as bad as last year's) and artwork has suffered.

Bear with mne a litle while longer and I'll have them done very soon, I promise!

Kerry Mosley said...

Harry - I still have yours here.....I shall get a move on and send it on its way asap though it may have to be early New Year rather than pre-~Christmas if I am being realistic. Sorry to you all!