Friday, November 26, 2010

The Cartoonist's Hat

Just thought I might mention my new blog devoted to cartooning, as well as Moleskine Exchanges - The Cartoonist's Hat.

And while I'm here: I note on our sidebar there are links to moly_x_24 and moly_x_26 , but neither of them appears to be a live blog. Anybody know anything about them? It seems odd that new blogs are being set up while these lie dormant.


3mw said...

Marty assigned voluntary "moderators" to each group and we are currently pruning the dead-ends. The old numbers will get going again as we confirm that all participants in "dead" groups are done. We are hoping to have things ready to move forward after the moly show this winter/spring. I see your concern though, as we end up in a bit of dead space, as there is no one linking through us. Will see if I can check in with the moderator of 20-30 to add us to 23 and 27 for time being. I don't have access to those, only the groups I moderate.

harry bell said...

I understand. Thanks for the explanation.

Alison said...

You're all doing such fabulous entries - so nice t osee anther 4 little molys unfolding. I have nearly finished getting my memory paintings into a book format with Blurb - their software is so easy to use. Happy Christmas all. Alison in Canberra

Kerry Mosley said...

Merry Christmas to you to Alison. Sorry you are not along for the ride on this one. All the very best for 2011!