Monday, May 4, 2009

Lucky second last!

Clare's Moly is all but done! Only her own entry to go in and it will be complete. Now this IS exciting!
Following on the theme of the moly "a few of my favourite things" I added a little bit of stitching, collage, ink and paint, some of my favourite mediums.
Some more of my favourite things are making things, pattern, gentle rain, sleeping and old books.


Kerry Mosley said...

Wow Jan you have been working hard....and such wonderful results. I love this book and your entry just adds to all the lovelinesst - lucky Clare!

melissa said...

Remarkable. I love that you've working into the book's theme but maintained your individual style. Another great entry!

clare said...

Ooooh YuMMy Jan!
This is Very Beautiful, Thank You.
I can barely wait to hold my 'ooak' treasured Moly in my hands and savour every folded inch of my 'Moly Friend's' Favourite things.
This book will surely be one of my MOST FAVOURITE Things. :)

Jan Allsopp said...

Not long to wait now Clare, I posted it to you on Fri (or was it Thurs?).

Alison said...

Beautiful, Jan - I'm sure my sleeping face looks very 'droopy' compared to this lovely lady - going by what my hubby looks like :)